Welcome to the wonders of Web 2.0
This page is meant to introduce you to Web 2.0. User-generated content is perhaps the focal meaning of web 2.0. Ordinary users went to the old web to get information; in web 2.0 they go to bring content themselves. Everyone is a web developer. Users configure resources served on the new web to suite their own purposes.

Here is a list of 42 web 2.0 resources, compiled by education majors at Purdue, all of them presented in overview with lesson plans for how they might be integrated into classrooms at various levels. The whole site--nested in Confluence, which is a fancy wiki much like wikispaces--is a user-generated space. Content is delivered with the expectation that readers will contribute additional content (by way of comments.) The audience is global. This is a great introduction to web 2.0 for educators.

All things web 2.0

Directory of Educational Resources