Welcome to the home page of MichianaSTEM:
a wiki dedicated to promoting integrated STEM Community
among regional STEM professionals.

Anyone working (formally or informally) in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics education and/or research in the Michiana area is welcome to join. Any member can edit pages, and any interested member of the public--particularly parents and students--can comment on what is posted here.

This site is inaugurated at the Partnering for Education and Research Forum II, held in Jordan Hall on the campus of the University of Notre Dame, January 24, 2009. The site is intended to provide online follow-up to the forum; it is at least a proof-of-concept for the kind of collaborative online interaction which is available to help promote STEM education in Michiana. Participants can "vote with their mouse" as to the usefulness and future of the site: it will become what we make it. We may find better ways to collaborate for our children's future, but collaborate we can and we must.

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(This map has links to many of the schools that have collaborated with NDeRC, the lead sponsor of Partnering for Education and Research Forum II. Feel free to access the map, add your school, add links to your school's home page, and even to a MichianaSTEM wiki page dedicated to collaboration with and within your own school. Here's how!

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